Amazon Sellers Should Use Videos To Promote Their Products For Higher Sales

Amazon sellers who use video in their listing convert higher than sellers that do not.

Amazon reported that customers who watch videos on Amazon convert 3.6x more often than non-viewing customers. So as a seller, you should definitely use videos on your product listing. Amazon has also improved the the Seller Video Management Experience.

So, what do you need to do?

Step 1. Obtain Amazon Brand Registry.

In order to enroll for brand registry a seller must have:

  1. An Amazon seller account.
  2. An active registered trademark for their brand that appears on their products and/or packing.
  3. The ability to verify the seller’s rights as the owner or authorized agent of the trademark .
Step 2. Associate a single video to multiple products

Step 3. Upload multiple videos for a single product

Step 4.Use auto-generated thumbnails

Step 5. rack status of the upload process

Amazon announced that “viewership metrics” are coming soon!

Contact us if you need assistance registering for a trademark for your brand on Amazon or need assistance with Amazon Brand Registry.

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Source: Amazon Seller Central
"Amazon's trademark is used under license from, Inc. or its affiliates."

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