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We help business owners with formation, contracts, potential litigation, specialized projects and more.

Business Formation

You have an idea for a business …. Well now you need to formalize your business. Most new business owners are unsure about their business entity choices. Do you want a one person Limited Liability Company (LLC), multi-personal LLC, C corporation or a S Corporation? We will discuss your business goals with you and help you choose the business entity that best suits your needs. The amount of time and money to set up these businesses vary. Also, there are different tax consequences for each entity. As such, your choice of business entity is one of the most important steps 

Protect Your Personal and Business Assets 

One of the main reasons for setting up a business entity is to keep your personal assets and money separate and apart from your business assets and money. An additional way to protect your assets is to ensure that you have the proper insurance policies in place. Working with you, I will review what you can do to keep your own income, house, or other businesses from obligation in the event of a lawsuit against your business or from a court “piercing the corporate veil” (i.e., holding owners or shareholders liable) for corporate debts.

Do you have employees? Do you have part-time workers? Do you have virtual assistants? If so, do you have contracts for all of them. We will prepare contracts for your business that you can use over and over again.

We can create: 

Independent Contract Agreements

Virtual Assistant Agreements

Model Release Agreements

Brand Ambassador Agreements

Copyright Transfer Agreements

Influencer Endorsement Agreement

and more! 

Protect Your Intellectual Property 

When you invest time and money in developing your business, you also want to make sure that your business name, e-commerce store name, and brand name are available for use. We will conduct a comprehensive trademark search and file your application for your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office

We will also register your copyrights at the United States Copyright Office for your fiction and non-fiction work, music, lyrics, sound recordings, art work, illustrations, blogs, computer databases, photos and more. If you are selling on Amazon, we will complete your application for Brand Registry

Protect Your Brand 

As your brand counsel and advisors, we assist in protecting your branding by providing you with monthly documents reviews, cease and desist letters, scheduled consultations via phone or video, trademark monitoring, brand assessment and specialized project just for you. 

Coger Law Firm, LLC’s core business is the monthly subscription model. There are three options that you can choose from and you can pick the package that suits your business needs. Our goal is to become your trusted legal advisor and “in-house” counsel. We want to know your company inside and out. This way, when an issue occurs, you do not have to spend time getting a new attorney up to speed. We are proactive as opposed to reactive. We will work with you by providing strategic business-centric advice and counsel.  Learn the details about our subscription services here. 

*Please be advised that these services are only available for clients in New Jersey and New York.*

Just a Trademark

The Ultimate Trademark Package

Initial consultation regarding your trademark, the trademark process, trademark classes, and estimated USPTO filing fees via telephone or video
Comprehensive clearance search for one trademark with up to five classes/services searched (Value $150)
Attorney analysis of trademark search report, prepared opinion letter, phone consultation to review and discuss clearance search
Prepare and file the trademark application with the USPTO (excluding filing fees for one class of goods/services in the amount of $275. Also, additional classes are $275 each.)
No-charge phone and email communications and updates regarding the status of your application
Respond to non-substantive office actions
Forward the trademark certificate to you after registration
Prepare and file Statements of Use/Requests for Extension (if applicable)
Prepare and file the trademark application with the USPTO (including filing fees for one class of goods/services. Additional classes are $275 each.)
Prepare and file the trademark application with the USPTO (including filing fees for one class of goods/services. Additional classes are $275 each.)
Respond to substantive office actions
Prepare customized cease and desist letters against trademark infringers
Consultation on naming strategy, brand development, brand materials, marketing, domain name and social media usage
Ongoing, helpful tips on protecting your brand and your new registered trademark

After you file a trademark application the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) may issue something called an office action. When an office action is issued on your trademark filing, this can be as serious as a refusal of your trademark application, or, simply a request to amend something in the application.

The "Just A Trademark" package includes non-substantive office actions. These office actions may require an amendment to your trademark application but is not a refusal of your trademark filing. These can usually be answered via a phone to the UPTSO office or via letter. Substantive office actions are not included but may be handled for an additional fee.

The "Ultimate Trademark Package" includes both non-substantive and substantive office actions. A substantive office action is generally considered a refusal of your trademark due to the similarity to a pre-existing application or trademark. We will respond to substantive office actions which requires substantial legal research and a robust written response if you chose to fight the office action. The "Ultimate Trademark Package" also includes consultation about branding, ongoing support, and we will pursue cease and desist claims against people who illegally use your registered trademark.

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